Why should I have my own App?

The market of mobile applications is growing. Apple on its own claims that more than 500.000 Apps are available in its App-Store and that more than 25 billions donwload have already been made. Android, managed by Google, is the second distribution platform for Apps. Others like Microsoft Windows Mobile Marketplace are following.

Apps allow to be present on the market for mobile, PDA and pads.

Not to have its own websiste is nowadays not imaginable anymore, what ever in which activity or sector. The technology, habits and customs are evolving. Not to have its own App is comparable with the fact not having a website 10 years ago. Do not miss the evolution of the technology, be present on the mobile market!

An App to do do what?
For your own : it is possible to present yourself in an App, for example through your CV. A good way to demonstrate your capacity of innovation.

Lust of an App for your family ? A virtual visit card for iPhone ?

An App to offer, looking for an idea for a gift? for a Wedding?? There are simply no limits!
For artists, painters, sculptors, …, let present your creations in your App.

You can easily create your own virtual gallery on iPhones or, even better, on iPads.
You are managing an association or a sport club: fascinate your suporters and fan, and keep in touch with your members using an App

You are performing in a music group: present your music on the iPhone.
For self-employed or freelancer: an App allows you to display your products and services, to emphasise your competences, to keep in touch with your customers.

But also to gain new customers.
For small and medium entreprises : explore and use the possibilities offered by mobile applications.

Stay not only in contact with your customers but integrate the "mobile dimension" in your products and services.